The Landlord Portal

We have now introduced the Landlord Portal which allows you to access information about your tenant’s Housing Benefit claim if the payments are made directly to you.

We are currently contacting landlords to be set up on the portal, but if you have yet to receive an invite, or you're interested in getting access, email

Once you have been given access to the portal, please refer to the Landlord Portal user guide, which will give you guidance on how the portal works and the information you are able to extract. It will also help you navigate around the portal more efficiently.

Please note that our Landlord Portal is currently only compatible with the following browser, and may not work with other browsers:

Internet Explorer version 10 or 11

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are exploring the option of introducing a hosted software solution that will be compatible with a wide variety of devices and platforms i.e. web-responsive.

What you can do in the portal

As a user of the Landlord Portal, you will be able to:

  • search for tenants using their name, address, postcode or claim reference
  • access details of current weekly Housing Benefit entitlements
  • access details of any historic payments made to you
  • view the status of the Housing Benefit claim
  • confirm whether a claim is suspended or not
  • view future payment amounts and due dates
  • export all payment records into a spreadsheet.

Please note: All queries that can be answered by using the landlord portal will no longer be responded to via any other channel of communication.

All other landlord enquires will continue to be answered via the liaison inbox. If the enquiry is urgent for example the Housing Officer is at court, then these enquires will be dealt with via email

Data protection

We take the protection of all the information we work with seriously and have rules to enforce this. If rules are deliberately broken or ignored, we reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action.

It is important that each person accessing the portal works with the information as per the rule, guidance, procedures and policies given to them. They must also understand that they have a duty of confidentiality which means that they must safeguard any personal information or data that they access.

Under the Data Protection Act, we are not allowed to tell you about any details regarding the personal circumstances of a claimant. The personal information we hold such as family and income details, cannot by law be given to an organisation, landlord or agent as this maybe a breach of the Data Protection Act.

Please be aware that the customers have a right to keep such information from their landlord.