Locata - Bid for social housing properties

The only way to access social housing through Brent Council is via Locata which can be accessed at Locata housing options. Here you can register and bid for properties.

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If you are an existing council or housing association tenant you can swap homes with another tenant. This may mean your whole family can move to a bigger property or a better area. This is called a "mutual exchange".

Finding a mutual exchange means you are able to choose the home you want and will not have to wait for years on the housing register.  You will have to seek permission from your landlord first.

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We are experiencing a huge pressure on our housing services. London is in the middle of a housing crisis - demand is significantly exceeding supply and Councils simply do not have enough resources, particularly when it comes to Council properties.

Following the Localism Act 2011, if your homeless application was accepted after 9th November 2012, we are most likely to provide you with suitable accommodation in the private rented sector. It is likely that the accommodation offered to you will be outside of Brent and possibly outside of London. This is due to how expensive private rented housing in London has become.

The average overall waiting time for a Council house in Brent is currently 14 years and in Brent, there are over 20,000 people registered on our waiting list which means it not a quick solution to your housing need.

The following table shows the current longest and average waiting times for Council housing in Brent (as of March 2018) 


Longest wait

Average wait


26 years

20 months


21 years

28 months

1 bed

26 years

27 months

2 bed flat or maisonette

27 years

9 years

2 bed house

20 years

12 years

3 bed flat or maisonette

23 years

14 years

3 bed house

24 years

18 years

4 bed

26 years

18 years

5 bed

25 years

21 years

While the average wait years can range from 3 to 7 years, it is important to know that as of March 2018,

  • For 1 bed properties – there are 120+ applications with 1-3 years wait
  • For 2 bed properties – there are 1100+ applications with 8-10 years wait
  • For 3 bed properties – there are 400+ applications with over 16 years wait
  • For 4 bed properties – there are 400+ applications with 16-20 years wait
  • For 5 bed properties – there are 100+ applications with over 20 years wait