Reserving and renewing items

How to renew an item

Need to renew an item?

Log in and renew online or call our automated renewal service on 0333 370 4700.

You can also renew books with your smart phone using the library app.

Please note:

  • items may be renewed up to a maximum of five times via our automated renewals service online and at any Brent or London Libraries Consortium (LLC) library.
  • renewals could be declined if the item is reserved by another customer.
  • after the maximum limit is reached, you will have to visit a library to renew the items.
  • searching the catalogue on our library app will only show books in Brent. Our members have access to a wider catalogue shared with lots of other London boroughs. You can search the full catalogue here.


How to reserve an item

If an item is out on loan or at another branch don't worry, we can still reserve a copy for you.

Make a reservation online or at a library and have it sent to the branch of your choice, there is no a charge for this service.

If the book is not available on the library catalogue we can usually get it for you from elsewhere.

There is a charge of £3 per book for this service for most items, or £10 if the only option is borrowing from the British Library. Contact your local library to place a request.

Alternatively you can make a free stock suggestion ( to let us know about a new title you think we may have missed.

Please note that we are unable to reserve items unsuitable for Brent library stock and this can include non-book formats such as Videos and music CDs, combined works where individual volumes are available and single use items such as work books or colouring books.