Flooding and flood risk

General Information

Brent has two main rivers, the River Brent and the Wealdstone Brook. The areas next to these rivers form part of a natural flood plain.

Out of the estimated 118,500 properties in Brent, approximately 1,390 are potentially at risk of flooding at least once every 100 years, and 2,900 properties are at risk of flooding once every 1,000 years.

Am I in a flood risk area?

To find out which flood zone your property is in, you can visit the Environment Agency's website and search the flood map using a place name or a postcode.

What is a Flood Risk Assessment?

Certain planning applications must be accompanied by a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA).

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is a report which must accompany certain applications to ensure that the land or property is suitable for the proposed development.

They demonstrate how flooding to and from the development will be managed and mitigated both now and in the future, taking the impacts of climate change into account.

If your application does require a FRA, you may need to contact a consultant to prepare it for you.

Do I need a Flood Risk Assessment?

Planning applications of one hectare or greater within flood zone 1, or applications of any size within flood zones 2 or 3, will need to be accompanied by a FRA.

If your application requires a FRA and you do not submit one, your application will not be validated.

How is the Environment Agency involved?

We consult the Environment Agency (EA) on certain applications within flood zones 2 and 3, as well as any application over 1ha in flood zone 1 and smaller applications in flood zone 1 which are in areas that have critical drainage issues.

Should your application be referable to the EA, we will issue the consultation.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessments

Guidance on Flood Risk Assessments

Further information on what you will need to do when you submit your planning applications can be found in the EA's standing advice for applicants and agents.


Strategic Flood Risk Assessments appendices

Flood Re insurance

If you are affected by flooding in Brent it is important that you report it. There is now a national flood insurance scheme that should give you more confidence to report a flood so that action can be taken by flood risk authorities such as Thames Water, Environment Agency (EA) and the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA).

Flood re scheme

Flood Re is a national scheme designed to help provide better access to affordable home insurance for those in high flood-risk areas across the UK.

It represents a long-term, sustainable approach to providing home insurance for those at flood risk.

It is important that people at high flood-risk in Brent shop around for the best insurance policy.

For more information please contact publicaffairs@floodre.co.uk.