What you will need when submitting a planning application

The information that we require to determine a planning application is set out within the lists of local and national validation requirements for each application type. It is important that you go through the list of requirements relevant to your application type prior to the submission of your application. View the types of applications that are available if you are unsure of the application you need to submit.

The application process will start when all of the validation requirements that are relevant to your application type, including the fee, have been received. It will take longer for you to receive a decision if items that are required are not provided.

If you application is invalid, we will write to you or your agent explaining what is outstanding. The application would then be valid upon receipt of the relevant items.

To find out what you include to include with your application please check our validation checklist as required.

We strongly encourage you to submit all applications online via the Planning Portal. However, if you choose to submit your application via the post, 2 hard copies are required of all application documents.

If you have not included any of the information that is required with your application, you should provide written justification why you consider that the information is not required. The Council will make your application invalid if it does not agree with the justification.

View information on validation requirements for other types of applications.

Format for file names and descriptions

Using the following formats will make it quicker for us to validate your planning application.

File name for drawings
We request that the following format is used for file names and descriptions:

  • File name: [drawing number] [drawing name].pdf
  • File description: [drawing number] [drawing name]

Here is an example:

  • File name: P01 Rev 1 Proposed Ground Floor Plan.pdf
  • File description: P01 Rev 1 Proposed Ground Floor Plan

File name for supporting reports
We request that the file name for the supporting reports reflects the name that is used within the validation list, followed by the site address.

E.g.: The planning statement for an application relating to the Brent Civic Centre should be named: Planning Statement Brent Civic Centre.pdf

Privacy notice

Our planning department uses various kinds of information including personal details and sometimes sensitive personal data. This statement sets out the types of information that we collect, how it is stored, displayed, used and retained.

For most applications:

  • personal details (applicant, agent details)
  • financial details (associated with the payment of fees)
  • name and addresses of people or organisations commenting on applications

In a limited number of instances, we also collect:

  • financial details (Financial viability assessments)
  • family details, housing needs, business activities (where submitted by the applicant for specific applications)
  • property ownership information in some instance from the Land Registry where required to serve an Enforcement Notice.

We might also use sensitive personal information, such as information about your physical health if it is relevant to your planning application (for example, as evidence of exemption of a fee for a registered disabled person).

Planning and other applications are held as a public register as required by the Development Management Procedure Order 2015. The register must be kept indefinitely and is stored in our system Acolaid, and can be viewed by the public via our website. We will publish the name and address of the agent and applicant (where supplied) on applications forms and approved documents where appropriate.

We redact the following details from the planning application form and covering letter:

  • Personal contact details for the applicant - i.e. telephone numbers, email addresses
  • Signatures
  • Personal Sensitive Information
  • Information agreed to be confidential

If details (eg contact details) are on drawings and other supporting information submitted as part of an application and then form part of a decision, these will be published and not redacted.

If you are submitting supporting information which you would like to be treated confidentially or wish to be specifically withheld from the public register, please let us know at as soon as you can via Planning.GDPR@brent.gov.uk.

For further information you can view our full privacy notice