How to vote by post, proxy or in person

Voting at a polling station

We will send you your poll card 3 to 4 weeks before an election.

Each member of your household who is registered and can vote in that particular election, should also receive a poll card which states:

Contact us if haven't received a poll card before an election, but think you're registered to vote.

You don’t need to take the poll card with you to be able to vote.

Casting your vote

The hours of poll for all elections is 7am to 10pm.

When you get to the polling station

On arrival at your designated polling station, the poll clerk will ask you to confirm your name and address and will give you a ballot paper or more than one if there are 2 or more elections taking place at the same time.

Filling in your ballot paper

Take the ballot papers to the voting booth and be sure to read the guidance for voters regarding how to mark them.

Once you have finished marking your ballot papers, put them in the ballot box.