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Issue 147 Spring 2016

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Why your council tax will rise

We’ve frozen Council Tax bills for residents for six years now while, at the same time, we cut council spending by £117million as our Government funding fell year after year.

Now, in the face of yet more real-terms cuts in the money coming from the Government ahead, Councillors have decided to increase our share of Council Tax bills by just under 4 per cent. This will mean an ‘average’ Band D household being asked to pay an extra 45p a week.

Putting up your bills for the first time in seven years isn’t something we do lightly – we know that many families in Brent have been struggling with their own finances.

We’ve decided to do this now though as it will bring in around £4 million extra.

That is a relatively small amount when compared to the £117 million we’ve had to cut since 2010, but it’s still a lot of money, and will help us continue to look after our most vulnerable children and elderly residents, making sure the bins are collected and maintaining our parks and roads, along with many other important services.

Over recent years, we have taken out waste and inefficiency wherever we found it. We are a far leaner organisation than we once were. More services are going online. We are increasingly delivering services with the voluntary sector and other councils.

However, we can only shift a service online or sell a building once. You cannot further reduce a back office support service, which was cut by 40 per cent last year alone, without affecting the frontline services you receive every day.

Our services are working at full capacity for you.

Councillor Muhammed Butt Leader of Brent Council