Improving Wembley High Road

Graphic image of improvements on Wembley high road

As part of our revitalisation programme we will be enhancing the appearance and character of Wembley High Road.

New footway paving, lighting, seating areas and greenery (trees and plants), will help to create a modern and inviting high street in the heart of Wembley.

We hope that this will encourage more people to visit the area, supporting our local businesses to thrive.

These works also support the council’s commitment to encouraging active travel (walking, cycling and using public transport) and improving air quality. 

We expect some temporary disruption whilst the works take place. Please bear with us during this time, we are confident that once complete, Wembley High Road will be a modern and attractive high street for everyone to enjoy. 

What are the changes?

The changes are shown in the attached drawing and described below
  • Footway improvements – The footways will be re-paved using high-quality block paving and new granite kerbs. The new robust paving will be laid in two contrasting colours (light grey and cream) which will significantly improve the look, feel and attractiveness of the High Road. Along some sections of the road the pavement will be widened by about a metre and we will remove unwanted barriers, signs and posts where possible to provide more space for shoppers.
  • Tree planting – New trees will be planted to help improve air quality and boost biodiversity. Trees also provide shade and have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing. It may be necessary to remove some existing unhealthy trees on instruction from our specialist tree officer. Any trees removed will be replaced.
  • Street lighting – The existing street lights will be replaced with modern lampposts. and Uplighters will also be installed around all of the trees, to help create creating a safe and welcoming environment. The new lampposts will provide excellent lighting for both the footways and roads.
  • Bus stops, cycle parking and other street furniture - new cycle parking and more accessible bus stops will be provided to enable and encourage sustainable transport. New seating and litter bins will also be introduced.
  • Road resurfacing - The road will be resurfaced from Wembley Triangle to Napier Road and anti-skid surfacing will be provided at pedestrian crossings.

What will stay the same?

Waiting and loading bays - there will not be any changes to existing waiting and loading restrictions and arrangements along Wembley High Road. 

When will the works take place?

Construction works for Phases 1 and 2 will start on 25 October 2021. Works on Phases 3 and 4 will then follow.

We hope to complete Phases 1, 2 and 3 by April 2022 although this is dependent on being able to source all of the materials needed. There are currently some delays due to supply chain problems, however we will continue to provide regular updates during this time. 

Phase 1 – From Ark Elvin Academy to Park Lane (both sides of the road)

Phase 2 – From Park Lane to Wembley Central Square (both sides of the road)

Phase 3 – From Wembley Central Square to Ealing Road (both sides of the road)

Phase 4 – From Wembley Triangle to the Ark Elvin Academy (both sides of the road) and from Ealing Road to Napier Road (both sides of the road)

View the phasing plan for the works.

If you need a version of a PDF or other document on this page in a more accessible format, please email and tell us which format you need.

What impact will these works have?

There will be some traffic delays and sections of the footways will be closed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We will do our best to keep any disturbance to a minimum.

No works will take place during the Christmas period (two weeks).

Please bear with us. We are confident that once these works are completed, Wembley High Road will be a modern and attractive high street for our residents and traders.

More information

We will need to remove a small number of trees that are dead, in exceptionally poor condition, or where roots are causing damage and a hazard to pedestrians. These will be replaced with new semi-mature trees in same location. The overall number of trees will be increased.

For further details on the improvement works, as well as our other exciting plans for Wembley High Road visit: We will also be providing regular updates to all residents and businesses in the immediate area throughout implementation. 

To get in touch with any questions or concerns about the scheme please email us or for construction related queries please email Conway.