Northwick Park

What is happening in Northwick Park?

Brent Council, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (Northwick Park Hospital), the University of Westminster and Network Homes (a local housing association based in Wembley) are committed to working in partnership to promote the redevelopment of the land at Northwick Park to deliver new homes and jobs.

The four organisations have joined forces through the OPE (One Public Estate) programme - an established national programme which looks to encourage public sector organisations to use their property and land assets together. The OPE programme awarded over £0.5m to the four organisations to support the plans for Northwick Park. Brent Council have also been awarded £9.9m from the Housing Infrastructure Fund for infrastructure works.


There is a collective vision amongst all four organisations that will transform Northwick Park to become an important local landmark, delivering new high-quality homes, increased investment in our local hospital, improved infrastructure and transport connections, as well as enhanced facilities for education and employment.

Proposals include:

  • Complete redevelopment of the land between the hospital and the park
  • Approximately 1,600 new homes including affordable homes
  • Outline plans for new University accommodation and teaching facilities
  • Improved roads and junctions for better access to the hospital and new housing
  • Better pedestrian and cycle connections across the site
  • New public open spaces and green spaces
  • New commercial and community uses to help the new area of Brent thrive
  • Care and cycle parking spaces for new residents

Process so far

Public consultation events were held in June 2019. Around 240 people attended and were able to view the proposals, ask questions and provide feedback on:

  • A detailed planning application for part of the land owned by Network Homes for housing.
  • An outline planning application for the whole masterplan, setting broader parameters for a future development.
  • A planning application for road improvements to the north and west of the NHS Trust’s land.

Have your say

Phase 2 of public consultation was held this September.