Brent Digital Strategy

The digital revolution has touched the lives of people worldwide and has forever transformed the way we live, work and do business. Technology has helped connect people and bring them closer together, improved access to information and services, and created vast opportunity for innovation and businesses growth. But the speed of change has left some of the most vulnerable members of society digitally isolated and has seen many traditional businesses and skill-sets become obsolete.

This pace of change will continue to accelerate, presenting countless more challenges and opportunities. Since the launch of our first Digital Strategy in 2017, Brent has been working to ensure local residents, partners and businesses are able to thrive in the digital future, and play active roles in shaping Brent into a digital borough where technology is used to improve the lives and life chances of everyone. We’ve updated our Digital Strategy to ensure we remain at the forefront of progress. The Strategy sets out how Brent’s ambition to become a truly digital borough will be realised through achieving the dual and interdependent aims of becoming a digital place and a digital council.