Accessibility for third-party applications

This website is run by Brent Council. We try to make sure our web site is accessible and easy to use for everyone - whatever browser you use, your visual abilities, or your internet experience.

To make our site useable and accessible 

  • it's compatible with most screen reading software
  • it can be navigated using just the keyboard - using the tab key to jump from link to link or shift + tab to go backwards.
  • it uses web safe colours and accessible fonts
  • we've tried to use plain English
  • you can change the font size using your browser's settings. Usually this is via a Tools, Options or View menu, depending on your browser.

Making the web easier to use

This website also uses a tool called ‘Browsealoud, a piece of software which helps people who:

  • can't see very well
  • are blind
  • can't hear very well
  • find a keyboard or mouse hard to use
  • find words difficult
  • speak a different language

You don't have to download or install anything - just click on the ‘headphone’ button in the top right-hand corner of our website.

It includes text to speech functionality, dyslexia software and a translation tool with over 100 languages.  You can also use it to change colour schemes, font sizes and style.

Browsealoud also makes it easy to change colour schemes, font sizes and style.

Internet accessibility help

AbilityNet has advice on making your device easier to use if you have a disability:

Our website in other languages

You can translate our website into a language you speak using the Browsealoud service that we use across our website or use the Google Translate service

Downloadable documents

This site uses the PDF file format for the publication of large and complex documents.

To view and print PDF files, you must have Adobe Reader installed which is free to download and install.

Web and accessibility standards

We make every effort to ensure that all pages on this site conform to accepted standards and guidelines including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) Level "AA".

We are continually working to improve the accessibility of any pages and web applications that do not conform to these standards.

Accessibility queries

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of this website. If you find any problems using this site or you think we can address, let us know by emailing

To help us deal with your enquiry, please try and include as must information as possible, including:

  • the web address of the pages you're having difficulties with
  • how you are accessing the site, for example on your phone, on a laptop, on a tablet
  • If on a laptop or tablet, which browser you are using, for example Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari
  • the nature of your disability, if any
  • a description of the problem.

Technical information about this website’s accessibility

London Borough of Brent Council  is committed to making its websites accessible, in accordance with the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

This website is partially compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA standard, non-compliances will be listed on the production of our Accessibility Audit which is currently in progress and these issues will then be addressed to ensure compliance.

During the course of using the website there may be occasions whereby issues with images, video and audio and interactive tools and transactions are not completely accessible, Shaw Trust Accessibility Services are currently identifying potential issues whilst our audits are taking place and these will be addressed in due course.

Content that’s not within the scope of the accessibility regulations

Some of our older PDFs and Word documents do not meet accessibility standards - for example, they may not be marked up so they are accessible to a screen reader.

The accessibility regulations do not require us to fix PDFs or other documents published before 23 September 2018 if they are not essential to providing our services.

We have created a register of PDFs which are essential for service delivery and are working through these to create HTML pages and forms. This work will be completed by 23 September 2020.

We understand that the regulations don’t require us to fix PDFs or other documents published before 23 September 2018, if they’re not essential to providing our services.

Any new PDFs or Word documents we publish will meet accessibility standards.

What we’re doing to improve accessibility

We will work to resolve all identified accessibility issues which are within our control and will release them to the website as soon as possible following completion of the assessments currently in progress and will implement the recommendations as quickly as possible.

Third-party websites and applications

Our website includes a number of platforms and applications that have been developed by external suppliers to provide some of the online services we offer.

Where we use third-party applications, we cannot always guarantee that these will conform to the same levels of accessibility as the main website.

Third-party applications include:

  • My Account
  • Online forms
  • Public Access applications search (planning, building control and licensing)
  • Open Data

We monitor the accessibility of these sites and where it is within our control, we will make every reasonable effort to work towards meeting accessibility requirements.

View the accessibility statements for our third-party systems

Any new third-party systems we commission will be required to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 AA standards.