Environmental issues

Report environmental incidents and find out about pest control, health and safety, trading standards, air quality and more.

Find out about

Noise and nuisances

Information on common domestic noise and nuisance issues like loud parties and alarms

Trees, hedges, grass and overgrown gardens

How we maintain public areas in Brent, how to report an overgrown tree and protected trees

Pest control

If you have a pest problem in your home or business we can provide a full internal and external service

Air quality

Find out how we monitor and can help with smoke and smells, asbestos and air pollution

Consumer advice

If a business has sold you something that is dangerous, fake or not as described, Trading Standards may be able to help

Food, safety and hygiene

Tell us if you think a restaurant, shop or business is selling food that is not safe to eat or if they aren't following the correct food hygiene standards

Hazardous substances

Find out how hazardous substances can threaten our health and the environment

Contaminated land

How to find out if land you own, or intend to build on, is contaminated and what you need to be aware of

Dog control and animal welfare

Information on dog control orders, animal welfare, reporting stray dogs and more