Recycle, reduce, reuse

Find out how and where to recycle rubbish in Brent, tips and ideas for reducing waste and ways you can reuse or repair unwanted or broken items.

Find out about

What you can recycle

Find out what day to day household items you can recycle and how

Electrical and electronic equipment

Do not place electrical items in your bin. Find out how you can dispose of them

Clothes, shoes and textiles

We will collect mixed textiles and clothes with your blue bin collection

Home composting

The best environmental way to deal with organics materials is home composting

Online recycling and pre-loved communities

If your items are good quality why not turn them into cash, swap with somebody else or just give away for free?

Reduce your food waste

Tips and recipe ideas for how to reduce the amount of food you throw away

Recycling news in Brent