Renting in the private sector

Advice and information

Looking for a home

Websites and ideas for where to go when you are looking for a place to rent

A guide to private renting

Useful information on your rights as a tenant and what you should expect from your landlord

Adaptations, grants and making changes to your home

Grants are available to help you, or loved ones, remain independent and live safely in your home

Poor housing conditions and repair disputes 

What you can do if you feel your home is unsafe or in poor repair

The eviction process

Help and advice paying your rent and what to do if you are facing possible eviction

Housing benefits and support

If you are unemployed, on a low income or claiming benefits, Housing Benefit may help you to pay your rent

Rent Repayment Orders

Information on Orders requiring a landlord who has committed a relevant offence to repay rent, housing benefit or universal credit