Climate Emergency

Ways you can help protect the environment

Join the Brent Environmental Network

Get involved and help us to make Brent an environment to be proud of

Save energy around the home

Reduce your energy bills, enjoy a warmer home and cut your carbon emissions

Install solar panels

Solar panels can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money on monthly energy bills.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Ideas and tips on how you can reduce your impact on the environment by making small changes to your lifestyle

Waste less food

Tips and recipe ideas for how to reduce the amount of food you throw away

Online pre-loved communities

If your items are good quality, why not turn them into cash, swap with someone else or give them away for free

Advice for businesses

Find out how steps your business can become more sustainable, while also cutting your overheads

Home composting

Home composting is a great way to use your food and garden waste to improve your garden.

Ideas for schools

Environmental projects for schools include the Welsh Harp Education Centre and Low Carbon Schools Project

Change the way you travel

Walking, cycling and public transport are all great ways to reduce your impact on the environment, improve your health and fitness, and they can save you money.

Local History Walks

Discover Brent on foot

A brisk daily walk has lots of health benefits and allows you to enjoy your local area.

Young children cycling through a park

Get on your bike

There’s plenty of support on offer to help you get started and we’re working to make cycling easier and safer in Brent.

Electric car being charged

Greener travel

Why not make your next car an electric vehicle? We are working to increase electric vehicle charging points across Brent.