Enforcement policy

We have the responsibility for enforcing a wide range of laws. In accordance with the Regulators' Code of 2014, we must publish information explaining how we regulate and develop our policies or procedures which influence our regulatory activities, so that we are transparent and consistent in our approach.

In compliance with the Regulators Code, we have published the following documents: 

Fortunately, the majority of businesses and individuals will comply with the law. We are happy to offer help and guidance when required, to ensure this continues. However, we will take enforcement action when required. For example, against those who commit serious legal breaches, cause distress or harm, commit minor breaches that contribute towards a bigger problem, damage our property or environment or those who ignore informal actions to become compliant.

Our Enforcement Policy and an accompanying set of Service Standards, were approved at a Cabinet meeting in January 2019. Our fees and charges are either set by legislation or are approved by Council on an annual basis.