Educational Psychology Service

Who are we?

Brent’s team of educational psychologists work with young people, parents and carers, to help make a positive difference to children's learning, wellbeing and development.

Each member of the team is a fully qualified psychologist, all of whom are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. One specialises in supporting looked after children.

Amongst other things, our educational psychologists study child development and the psychology of teaching and learning. They have a variety of skills including observation and assessment, consultation and problem-solving. They can also give advice on interventions, provide training or carry out research.

The service has two main roles. Firstly, to provide the council with formal, written, advice concerning the nature and severity of the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) of any child or young person in Brent, aged 2 to 25 years old, who is undergoing a statutory assessment of these needs.

The second key area of responsibility is to provide advice to Brent schools on matters of concern relating to the SEND of any child on roll.  Typically, educational psychologists provide advice on children and young people who usually have complex, significant and persistent difficulties related to their development and/or learning.

This will normally involve consulting with teachers, parents/carers, educational and other professionals, as well as working directly with the child or young person in order to identify the nature and severity of their SEND.

What do we do?

  • Provide advice or information to teachers, specialist support staff, parents/carers and other relevant professionals about pupils referred to the service
  • Carry out individual assessments of pupils
  • Advise school staff about ways of meeting children and young people's SEND
  • Contribute to designing and evaluating outcomes of school-based interventions to support children with SEND
  • Provide training for educational staff, governors and parents/carers
  • Run parent drop-in sessions