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We are delighted that our status as a Fairtrade Borough has been successfully renewed for another two years, with very positive feedback from the Fairtrade Foundation:

 “It’s been fantastic to hear about everything that you have achieved in the past few years. Your group has demonstrated dedication to take your campaign forward and ensure Fairtrade becomes part of daily life in Brent.”

This means that, as a council, we are committed to sell, serve, use and promote Fairtrade products.

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade for producers means a Fairtrade Price that at least covers the costs of sustainable production, even when world market prices fall. If market prices rise above the Fairtrade Price, producers get the market price. On top of that, producers receive a Fairtrade Premium for community projects that help them to improve the quality of their lives. Producers decide democratically how to use this Premium. Typically they invest it in education, healthcare, farm improvements or processing facilities to increase income.

Esperanza Dionisio, a coffee farmer from Peru, explained how this works. A quintal (100 kg) of coffee makes only about $100 in the market but with Fairtrade her cooperative gets $140 as the guaranteed minimum price plus an extra $30 because their coffee is organic. The Fairtrade Premium then adds another $20, making a total nearly double the market price. Fairtrade has transformed the lives of members of the cooperative.

On top of these financial benefits, the Fairtrade terms include environmental and social conditions such as minimising waste, no child labour and trade union rights. The whole Fairtrade package is independently and regularly audited – a feature rarely seen in company schemes that claim to be “fair trade”.


Welcome to our next meeting

Please see Twitter for the date of our next Brent Fairtrade Network meeting. It will be held online on Zoom. Everyone is welcome. Please contact the Chair, Peter Moore, if you would like to attend: petermooreconsulting@hotmail.com.

Upcoming events

  • Annual Fairtrade debate: November 2021 (Date tbc)

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  • Would you like to attend a meeting of our Steering Group?
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Please email Peter Moore at petermooreconsulting@hotmail.com.


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