Services for schools

The Museum galleries cover Brent’s past from prehistoric times to the modern day. Over 400 items can be viewed across six sections of the museum.
Brent museum and archives

Visit to the museum

Get up close and personal with fascinating objects telling stories of Brent. Combine a visit with our school workshop sessions.
Museum school visits

School workshops

Let us bring the museum to you with our range of 'at your school' activities and workshops.
Museum loanbox

Loan boxes collections

Take real collections into the classroom or the community with our Loan Box resources. 

School workshop sessions

All our workshops can be delivered at your school or at Brent Museum and Archives.
Toys from Brent's Past

Toys from Brent's past

Key Stage 1

Meet Queenie, our Victorian doll made from porcelain and real human hair. She helps children to think about different objects used for play and the materials used to make them.

Sudbury 1950s-1960s 

Key Stage 1&2

Learn about changes in Sudbury from 1950s-1960s using interviews from local residents, to show children how the area has changed.
Suffragists Willesden - the back page of the 1914 Annual Report

Suffragists in Willesden

Key Stage 3

Find out about key local figures in the Suffragist movement and discover how local people campaigned for women’s right to vote.