Support with parking

Blue Badge parking scheme

Disabled badge holders

If you have a permanent disability which affects your ability to walk, you may be eligible for parking services.

The aim of the Blue Badge scheme is to help you park closer to your destination if you have mobility problems. This should make everyday tasks easier.

The scheme provides a national range of on-street parking concessions for Blue Badge holders who are travelling either as a driver or passenger.

If you are chasing a new or existing application for a Blue Badge our current processing time is six working weeks. We will contact you if we require any further information.

Useful information about blue badge parking

Do I need to pay for my Blue Badge?

There is a £10 charge for successful Blue Badge holders. This means that each time you renew your Blue Badge or apply for the first time you will need to pay the £10 charge. Please remember though that the £10 charge is only payable to successful Blue Badge holders. If you apply and do not qualify you will not be required to pay the £10 charge.

Where you can park

If you are eligible and have been issued a Blue Badge, you can park without charge or time limit in places such as on-street disabled bays and at on-street parking meters and pay and display machines. You can also park on yellow lines for up to three hours, unless a ban on loading or unloading is in force.

The concessions provided under the scheme do not generally apply to off-street car parks, such as those at supermarkets and hospitals, or privately owned roads.

Where the Blue Badge scheme does not apply

The concessions provided under the scheme do not generally apply to off-street car parks, such as those at supermarkets and hospitals, or privately owned roads.

Additional support you can apply for

You cannot use the scheme for off-street parking. But you can apply for:

Am I eligible for a Blue Badge?

To find out whether you’re eligible for a Blue Badge:

How to apply for a Blue Badge

You can either:

Or alternatively contact the Independent Travel team via our contact us form.

How to report a lost or stolen badge

If you need a replacement Blue Badge because it is lost, stolen or damaged you must complete a form.

If your badge has been stolen, we will require a crime reference number from the Police.

Congestion Charge discount

If you hold a valid Blue Badge, you can register for a 100 percent discount. There is a £10 fee for this discount. This scheme is administered by Transport for London

Further independent travel advice

Further independent help and advice Transport for All provides advice, information and advocacy about travelling in London, and campaigns for a fully accessible, reliable and affordable transport network for disabled and older Londoners. For advice about using London's transport, call the Transport for All's Advocacy and Advice Line on 020 7737 2339.

Reporting Blue badge misuse or Blue badge fraud

Reporting Blue Badge fraud/misue e.g. persistently and dishonestly displaying a Blue Badge without the genuine holder being present, displaying a Blue Badge that has been reported lost / stolen, is counterfeit / forged (altered) or where the badge holder is deceased.

By Web : Online fraud reporting

Disabled Person's Parking Place  (DPPP)

A disabled person's parking place (DPPP) is a parking space marked on the public highway by a white painted box with a sign indicating that it is for the use of blue badge holders only. It an offence for any vehicle to be parked there without displaying a valid blue badge. Even when requested by a householder, the DPPP is still available for any blue badge holder to use. Disabled persons parking places are not to be provided for dial-a-ride, taxis, hospital drivers or others for the purposes of picking up of or setting down passengers and non-disabled visitors or carers.

Motability scheme

The scheme allows disabled people to exchange their Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance or War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement for:

  • a new car
  • a new powered wheelchair or
  • a new scooter.

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