Money Advice

If you are on a low income or struggling to make ends meet, you may need some help to sort out your budget and make your money go further.  

Money Management

The Money Advice Service provides advice, tools and calculators to help you improve your finances.  You can get support from them online and over the phone.  Three main areas of advice covered are:

Help with budgeting

Here are some free, handy confidential tools to help you budget your money better:

Choosing a bank account 

If you need to set up a bank account, or need to switch from an account you already have:

If you have difficulty opening a standard current account then a basic bank account may be an option:

To receive Universal Credit, you will need to have a bank or building society account, or an account with an alternative provider like a credit union. Ideally your account should allow you to make automated payments – such as direct debits or standing orders – for bills such as rent, gas and electricity:


Affordable Credit

Avoid paying too much for loans or using payday lenders, and consider using a Credit Union. Credit Unions operate locally and aim to provide loans at low rates, encourage their members to save regularly and help members in need of financial advice and assistance.

Credit Unions operating in Brent:

Debt and Benefits Advice

If you need more help to deal with your debt or benefit problems, then the following agencies provide free advice and support: