Resident’s Support Fund

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The Brent Resident Support Fund (RSF) is the new discretionary support fund available to Brent residents who are in short term need because of an emergency.  

The fund provides additional help in the form of an interest-free loan, grant or both. The new scheme replaces our former Local Welfare Assistance Scheme. 

Who can apply

You can apply for an emergency grant or loan if you:

  • are a Brent Resident aged 18 or over in short term need because of a crisis or emergency
  • have less than £6k savings (unless requesting emergency fund to help with fire, flood as unable to access own funds)
  • are on a low income and/or or in receipt of welfare benefits (not including child benefit)
  • are not be eligible for a Short Term Advance of Benefit payment, Budgeting Loan or Budgeting Advance from the DWP that could meet the need, except in exceptional circumstances
  • are not seeking support to pay for an excluded item.
  • are willing to comply with any reasonable conditions concerning the payment award, including for example, support from advice agencies.
  • have not had more than two RSF awards in one financial year (except during exceptional circumstances e.g. moving house).

We recognise that residents may still be impacted in many ways by Covid and we are committed to continue to support our residents at this difficult time.  

Additional criteria

  • You are usually up to date with your Utility bills; however, because of an unexpected dilemma and a decreased income, you are struggling to pay these bills
  • Struggling to cover the cost of new essential white goods e.g. Washing machine, fridge etc. support could be provided through this fund- this does not cover replacements
  • Finding it difficult to keep up with monthly repayments of debts six months or more (you will be referred to our credit union for an interest free loan)
  • Have become long term unemployed (usually more than six months) and are you finding it hard, to seek new employment, could you benefit from some help with skills training (we do not pay for courses where a Bursary or Student Loan is available)
  • Have experienced unexpected death and funeral costs , however, you do not qualify for the Government Funeral Payment scheme

What the grant or loan can be used for:

  • Rent or mortgage arrears, even if you are already getting Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax arrears
  • Household expenditure (food and utility bills )
  • Paying off debts e.g. credit card loans (you will be referred to our credit union for an interest-free loan if your debt is more than 6 months old) 
  • Counselling and mental health services
  • Skills training to support employment
  • Getting access to the internet, a laptop or both. If you wish to apply for this, please complete our Resident Support Fund Digital Form below.

What will not be awarded:

The Resident Support Scheme is discretionary and there are limited funds available. To make sure the scheme supports Brent residents who have  been most severely impacted, it is unlikely that applications seeking financial support for the following will be accepted

  • Parking fines or Congestion charges
  • Financial support already awarded through another council fund (Discretionary Housing Payment).
  • Expenses in connection with court (legal proceedings) such as legal fees, court fees, fines, costs, damages or subsistence
  • Expenses for self-employed businesses (please apply for Brent Business Grant help insert).
  • Cars  
  • Repairs and improvements to the home (except minor repairs and improvements)
  • Flooring or carpeting
  • Any need that occurs outside of the U.K
  • The fund does not cover any medical expenses/ treatments or items of medication
  • Domestic assistance and respite care
  • Repair to Local Authority property or the property of housing trusts

You must be willing to provide any reasonable supporting information that is needed by us to make a decision and take any reasonable steps we may suggest. 

How to apply

If you are in need of financial support, and meet the above criteria, apply online.

Apply for Resident Support Fund

If you need help with accessing the internet, a laptop or both, apply online.

Apply for the Residents Support Fund Digital Form

You can also retrieve and continue with an application you have already started.  To retrieve an existing application, you will need the application reference number that was emailed to you (please note that draft applications will be deleted after 14 days).  

Continue a saved application

When you can expect to hear

We aim to process your application within 20 working days, you will receive confirmation from us once we have decided. Please note, the average payment amount for grants is around £1,500. 

If you have requested help towards your rent, mortgage or Council Tax, we may pay any funds awarded directly into the associated account.  

If your grant is unsuccessful, we may be able to refer you to a credit union to help you with an interest free loan.