Registering a death


All deaths in the borough of Brent must be registered within five days of the death. There’s no charge for registering a death.

If you are unsure if the death took place in Brent you can check which register office covers the area.

You can register the death if you’re

  • a relative of the deceased (the person who died)
  • someone present at the death
  • an administrator from the hospital
  • the person making arrangements with the funeral directors.

You will need to bring

  • The 'Medical Certificate Cause of Death' (MCCD) from the qualified doctor certifying the death

If the death is passed to the coroner, please contact the register office to ensure we have the documentation required to register the death.

Death certificates can be pre-purchased when booking your appointment online or on the day of registration for £11 each by debit/credit card. We recommended 5-7 copies for various legal processes.

Make an appointment to register a death

When you register a death

We will ask you to declare the information about the deceased and information about you the informant.  A draft register page will be printed for you to check the information please ensure the information is correct before you sign the register page.  Any amendments to the registration thereafter will incur a correction fee of £75.00/£90.00 and a completed application form. 

We will provide you with a Certificate for Burial or Cremation (green form), which gives permission for burial or cremation. 

View more information on making a correction to a death registration

Tell Us Once service

Tell Us Once allows you can notify report a death, when you have suffered a bereavement and need to tell central and local government departments.

When you use Tell Us Once either online or by telephone, the services notified will include;

  • DWP Pensions and Benefits
  • Passport
  • Personal Tax
  • Council Tax
  • Driving Licence
  • Blue Badge
  • Electoral register
  • Public Sector pensions

Find out more about the Tell Us Once service.

You can read more about registering a death on the website


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