Noise, artificial light, smoke and smell nuisance

Information on common domestic noise and nuisance issues like loud parties and alarms.

Pest control

Professional, qualified, discreet, effective and comprehensive service. No hidden costs.

Trees, hedges and grass

Maintaining the public areas of Brent. 

Air Quality

Find out how we monitor and can help with smoke and smells, asbestos and air pollution.

Overgrown gardens

Overgrown gardens, in most instances, do not cause or constitute a public health nuisance or environmental health issue.

Contaminated land

Find out about contaminated land and how the council deals with it.

Health and safety

Helping businesses and consumers to be aware of the laws surrounding trading and the regulations for health and safety.

Climate emergency

Find out how you can make changes to your home, community or business to have a positive impact on the environment.