Pay and display parking

General Information

Pay and display machines are located across the borough near shops and businesses allowing residents and visitors to park for a limited stay.

The machines are easy to use and simple instructions on the machines will help you purchase parking time. The machine also displays information on how much it costs to use the service.

The machines accept a variety of coins in payment of the tariff, but do not accept credit or debit card payments.

Once you have paid the correct tariff, the machine will issue you a ticket, which you'll be required to clearly display on your vehicle.

Don't forget to make a note of the expiry time on the ticket.

When parking, please ensure that your vehicle is parked within the markings of the bay. Make sure you check the nearby signs making certain that you are parked in a pay and display bay.

If you haven't got enough change with you, don't worry, we also have a service to allow customers to pay over the telephone. Pay and display telephone parking is a quick, easy to use mobile phone service, which lets you pay for your parking with a credit or debit card, rather than using cash at a machine.

RingGo is the system we use for telephone parking. It features a registering service where your details are already added to the system so all you need to do is top-up with credit.

Using telephone parking

Register with RingGo

If you pre-register for the service you will be asked to provide:

  • the number plate, colour and make of your vehicle
  • your payment card details.

Alternatively you can register at the same time you want to park, either by using the RingGo apps or by calling 020 3046 0010.

When you park your car in an area or car park featuring the RingGo service, you can pay by:

  • calling the RingGo service
  • using the iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10 or Windows apps
  • text message
  • visiting the RingGo website.

With RingGo you:

  • no longer need to carry change
  • don't have to visit a parking machine
  • don't need to walk back with a parking ticket - civil enforcement officers check which vehicles are parked with RingGo via their handheld units.

Have a look at why and how you use the RingGo parking system and app with Councillor Jim Moher in our video.

Extending your parking session

Unlike normal parking sessions, you can remotely top up your parking fee when you use RingGo. If you want to extend your stay, simply contact RingGo again and the service will ask you:

  • how long you want to extend your session
  • what your card security code is.

The RingGo system automatically recognises that you have a parking session currently operating.

Location numbers

Please visit to see all the location numbers in your area and across the UK.

More information

For general information about RingGo please visit

If you have a specific question about how RingGo operates, please see which contains a lot of common queries.

Paying to park

Paying to park with RingGo

Once registered, RingGo recognises your mobile phone number and retrieves information you have previously given. This means that when you pay you only have to provide:

  • the length of time you want to park, and
  • your payment card three digit security code
  • the location code where you are parked.

Each area offering RingGo has its own individual location number. Local signs will provide this information. In the example shown, the location code is 5000.

Ways to pay

There are several ways to pay to park with RingGo:

Smartphone apps

iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10 and Window phone users can use the RingGo app to manage their account including paying to park. You can also use the app to extend your parking session, search for nearby locations and store your favourites.

To download the app for your phone visit

Telephone service

To use the automated phone service, you simply call 020 3046 0010. RingGo will remember you (by recognising your mobile phone number) and ask you to:

  • confirm the vehicle you want to park
  • confirm the location where you want to park
  • say how long you want to stay
  • provide the security code from your credit card.

Text message

You can use the quick and easy RingGo "Text to Park" option instead.

To use Text to Park send your message to 81025

For example sending a message with 'RingGo 5000 2h 867' will park your nominated vehicle for two hours in the Cecil Avenue car park, Wembley.

For details on how to set up the service for your particular location visit

RingGo website

If you have a mobile phone with internet access, you can use the myRingGo website to pay for your parking.

Simply login at and complete the details. Alternatively you can use the same link from a standard pc or other internet connected device.


There is no charge for registering with RingGo and no charge for downloading or using the RingGo iPhone and Android applications.

When you park your vehicle with RingGo, it is generally 50p cheaper than paying with coins, and the previous 20p convenience charge no longer applies.

If you call RingGo, the number used is a geographic one, so you are charged the standard rate agreed with your mobile phone operator.

Such calls are often included free within mobile phone packages, so if you receive a free "bundle of minutes", your call will usually be included within this.

If you use the RingGo "text to park" option, you will pay for the text message at your agreed operator rate.

You can opt-in to receive parking session confirmation messages and reminder texts (alerting you when your session is about to run out), which cost 10p per message.

If you need a VAT receipt for your RingGo parking session, you can view and print it online by logging into your account.

If you provide your email address you can opt-in to receive a free email receipt automatically every time you park.

Just login and add your email address into the settings menu.