Pay a Penalty Charge Notice, apply for parking permit and find out where you can park in Brent

Find out about

Parking permits

Find out information on how to apply for or renew a resident, visitor, business, doctor, essential user and other permits

Penalty charge notices

Find out information on how to pay or challenge a parking Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)

Wembley event day parking

Find information about car parks and street parking restrictions during Wembley Stadium events

Disabled parking badges and bays

Find out information on support with parking if you have a permanent disability which affects your ability to walk

Where you can park

Some roads have parking restrictions, find out where you can park and if you need a permit

Help with your parking account

If you need help with your parking account, check our handy guides

Parking suspensions and dispensations

Find information on how to request permission to park in a location that is ordinarily not possible such as a parking bay or yellow lines

Illegally parked cars

Find information about requesting enforcement and removal against unlawfully parked vehicles

Parking strategy

Our Parking Strategy covers a guide to Brent's parking management