Document requests

You can also search for building control records and view the current status of applications although related documents and plans are not available for public viewing.

Use our building control application search to locate the application you want and then request below.

If you need to review the full site history, including applications prior to 1990, please use our land charges search

Post 2002 applications

We can provide a copy of the completion certificate or decision notice where available. Please note if applications have not been completed or signed off, there will be no completion certificate available and may require further action and charges.

Completion of building works certificate copy

Request a copy of a completion certificate (Post 2002).

There is a charge of £40 per notice / application for these requests.

Building regulation decision notice copy

Request a copy of a Decision Notice (Post 2002).

There is a charge of £20 per notice / application for these requests.

Pre 2002 Applications

Historic Building Control Records (Completion Certificates/Dangerous Structure Notices pre 2002)

The council does not guarantee the availability of Building Control documentation, especially with older properties. If we are unable to provide a copy of original documentation we will attempt to confirm relevant dates from our records.

To make a request for historic documents, please use building control application search and then email your request to

Once we receive a valid request, we will provide you with reference number and details on how to make payment within 2 working days. Payments must be made within 10 working days once details are provided, if no payment is received the request will be closed and a new request must be made. Requests not relating to building control will not be dealt with or forwarded.

Other Building Control Applications


The following Competent Person Scheme operators are approved by the government to self-certify their work for building regulations compliance purposes. This allows contractors to carry out their work without having to go through the local authority building control process.

As the works are self-certified, the Building Control team has no involvement, and we only receive electronic notification from the registered contractor of the scheme and not the actual certificate. Please contact the scheme providers listed below for further information.

0333 321 8220

020 7645 3700

0800 408 5500

0845 543 0330

0870 013 0382

The council may be able to provide a confirmation of completion certificate for a fee of £30. Please email your request to

BA: Initial Notices/Approved Private Inspectors

If your query relates to a Building Control application which starts with or has a prefix of “BA” then please see below:

Initial Notice (BA) applications are submitted to the council from Approved Third Party Inspectors.

The Approved Inspector is required to submit an Initial Notice to the Local Authority, to check the details and register the work there for future land searches. They require 5 working days for this during which building work should not start on site (otherwise our Notice will be voided and the work will return to LA control). Once the works are complete they provide the council with a copy of the completion certificate.

View contact details for approved inspectors, in some circumstances the council may be able to provide a confirmation of completion certificate for a fee (£20) please email your request to