Assisted bin collections

If necessary, we can provide a special assisted collection service for residents who are unable to put their bins out for collection.

These residents are usually elderly or have disabilities. This service is only available to residents who live in a property where no one is able to move their bin for them.

An assisted collection means that our crews will come in to your front garden to collect your bins, empty them and then return them to your front garden.

Apply for this service

Or contact us on 020 8937 5050 and we will take you through the application process.

What happens next

Our contractor, Veolia, working in partnership with us, will contact you and make a visit to assess your request.

On this visit, you will be required to show/give copies of the following documentation:

  • doctor's letter detailing why the assisted collection should be granted
  • copy of blue badge
  • copy of medical records.

If these documents are not produced when Veolia inspect we will not be able to proceed, so please make sure these are available.

If you have a time limited condition such as pregnancy or hip operation or broken bones, or need to recover following an operation, a temporary assisted collection can be put in place. The time limit will be agreed by Veolia when they visit.

Copies of documentation such as medical records are needed for us to proceed.

You should cancel your assisted collection registration as soon as the condition ceases.

If at any time, a person is found living in the house that could move the bins; the assisted collection can be stopped immediately.

The assisted collection list will be reviewed regularly by Veolia to check eligibility and further visits will take place in the future.

If you have mobility equipment you no longer need, find out how to dispose of it for free.