Road works, closures and diversions

Road works on North Circular Road from Tuesday 10 July

A406 Northbound closed between Brent Street and Brent Cross Interchange due to a burst water main. 2 repairs have taken place by Thames Water and reinstatement works are currently in progress. 

Works are ongoing and end date is to be confirmed.

Emergency works - Wembley Park Drive junction with Park Lane

Due to a sewer collapse on Wembley Park Drive near the junction with Wembley Hill Road, Thames Water are doing emergency works and four way, four phase temporary traffic lights have been set up to control traffic. Clarendon Gardens has also been closed to assist with traffic flows.

It is estimated that these works will take up to two weeks to complete and delays in the area are expected to be severe, especially during peak times.

There will be clashes with events at Wembley Stadium, the Boxing on Saturday and potentially Spurs v Barcelona.


Applying for a road closure

Depending on the type of request a site meeting is usually needed to then issue a traffic regulation order. This involves the person or company applying, a representative of the council, the Metropolitan Police and, if the road closure is on a bus route, the bus operators.

Play Streets - close your road for children to play

We have a scheme called Play Streets to make it easy for you and your neighbours to close your residential road for to allow all the children on the road to safely play outside. Find out more

Road closure for works

For companies, the cost of providing a legal notice for emergency works is £1,150 and the cost of providing a temporary Traffic Management Order with effect from Monday 5 June 2017 has increased from £2,150 to £2,250. This will apply to all new applications received from this date onwards.

To find out more contact us on 020 8937 5600 or email

Road closure for an event

If you are applying for a closure for an event such as a street party view our organising events page for advice.

Once the Borough Safety Advisory Group (BSAG) has approved the event we will require a minimum of eight week's notice before the event to carry out the required legal procedures.

To find out more contact us on 020 8937 5600 or email

Applying for streetworks

A private streetworks licence is required for members of the public or businesses to undertake works that involve digging up or altering a pavement or road.

Information about, and application form for, a streetworks licence

Temporary traffic orders


If a closure is required a diversion route may need to be signed to assist traffic to find a suitable way around the closure and to minimise disruption.

The cost of installing, maintaining and removing diversion route signing is usually the responsibility of those organising the work. The cost will vary depending on the type of work.

The minimum notice period is ten weeks. In all cases the diversion must be agreed in advance with us and the police.

·         Clifford Gardens will remain closed at the junction of Chamberlayne Road until 13th July 2018.