Willesden gallery

On the street where you live Lucia Domenici

8 19 June

On the street where you live’ promotes street photography as an all-at-once urban research tool, a form of cultural communication, and as visual art. Unguarded urban moments and curious instances documented in two of the world’s most iconic cities London and New York sit alongside shots from India, Brazil and Morocco.

The uniqueness of the everyday and the complicated yet simple life are observed in a completely new way. The way we cross a street, sip a latte or act when we think nobody is watching scenes we observe, but rarely stop and pay attention to. At its core, the exhibition captures how we all live with unique thoughts, worries, dreams and secrets - individual moments, frozen in time.

"Street photography is like jazz. There is always a common theme. But it is the unexpected and improvisation that makes the real magic," Lucia says.

Lucia has chosen black and white photography as her medium, quoting
Canadian photographer Ted Grant:
When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. When you photograph in black and white, you photograph their soul.

The Artist

Lucia Domenici is an Italian-born photographer and director of photography.
She is an experienced creative director, working for established brands and agencies across the globe. Maintaining the balance between her commercial role and the spontaneity of street photography is a creative challenge she craves.

Lucia passion lies in identifying, catching and framing candid moments wherever they may live in stark, honest, black & white. Lucia shoots on her Fujifilm X-T20 using just one lens, allowing her to shoot more instinctively in her ongoing quest to discover the unusual in the usual.