Winter advice

Road and public spaces

We are ready to help keep Brent moving should freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall return to north-west London again in the winter.

During heavy snowfall gritting may not have an immediate effect. Snow may build up faster than the grit will clear it.

Driving will remain difficult. Drivers will need to make their own judgement on the condition of the road, their own capabilities and the need for their journey. 

Weather advice

Supporting rough sleepers

Homeless shelter

The Pakistan Centre is open for anyone needing shelter during the cold snap. Food, night shelter, breakfast and medical check are available.

To alert the centre of anyone sleeping rough, please send a text message to Cllr Tariq Dar on 079847 88299 or send an email to

Pakistan centre 
Marley walk 
Willesden Green 
London NW2 4PU

Older people

Simple ways to keep warm at home

The World Health Organisation states that in the UK the ideal temperature for main living rooms - including lounge, kitchen, hallway is 21 degrees Centigrade, and for bedrooms 18 degrees Centigrade. There are other things we can do to help us to stay warm.

  • Set the timer to come on earlier in cold weather and go off later rather than raising the temperature on the thermostat
  • Wear layers of clothing, and if it's very cold indoors keep hands and feet warm with thermal socks and gloves
  • Keep moving
  • Use rolled up newspapers to block draughts around windows and doors or DIY 'sausage dog' draught excluders
  • Make sure the area in front of the radiators are kept clear to allow the warm air to circulate, armchairs and settees in front of radiators simply absorb the heat with no benefit to you
  • Allow sunlight into the home to warm up the rooms during daylight, and close the curtains at dusk
  • Keep the body 'topped up' with warm and nourishing food - porridge, soups, bread, stews, rice and pasta dishes

Burst water pipes

The cold weather can lead to water pipes bursting.

Anyone who spots a leak or burst pipe on a street or pavement should contact the 24-hour leak-line on freephone 0800 714 614.

This will help the water company fix pipes as soon as possible and grit potentially dangerous ice patches.