Carbon Offset Fund

Participatory Budgeting

A ‘Resident Planning Group’ made up of diverse members of the Brent community, has been set up to lead on spending the Brent Carbon Offset Fund (BCOF) locally.

The £500,000 fund to reduce carbon emissions in Brent, was agreed by Brent Council’s Cabinet, as part of its pledge to tackle climate change.

The money will be allocated through a bold new Participatory Budgeting programme, which will put the community in the driving seat, as they take charge of the budget. The Resident Planning Group will set the criteria for how the fund should be spent.

Hundreds of local people will make the final decisions on which projects are awarded money.

Residents and community groups will be invited to attend an open and transparent ‘Decision Day’ event this autumn, to hear from projects applying for funding and then vote on their preferred projects.