Celebrating Community with #BrentTogether

In these difficult times, community has never been more important. 

We know that there are so many groups, organisations and businesses out there doing fantastic work to support our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. So we’ve launched a campaign to celebrate these initiatives and the people behind them. 

From offering services that make people feel less alone when they are isolating, to donating products from your business, or sharing free exercise videos and tips online, we want to hear from you. 

If you are one of those doing great work to help people in the borough, please give us a flavour of what you’re doing and how people can get involved by tweeting and using the hashtag #BrentTogether. This will allow us to share and celebrate with a wider audience. 

Covid Community Campaign

Brent Council is supporting the Covid Community Campaign to fight hunger this winter, ending hunger forever.

We are facing an unprecedented food poverty crisis in this country, with 14 million people going hungry each week.

While people such as Marcus Rashford and hundreds of local voluntary and community groups have been doing amazing work to tackle food poverty, there is still a gap that needs to be bridged.

The Covid Community Campaign wants to build on the overwhelming compassion and kindness residents have shown in the past few months. Together we will build on this community spirit to make sure everyone has what they need as we face the cold winter months, and beyond.

If you would like to support charities across London as well as some closer to home in Brent and help tackle food poverty, go to www.covidcommunitycampaign.co.uk

The Brent Solidarity Fund

Brent Council has supported a new hardship scheme; The Brent Solidarity Fund. Designed and run by Brent residents for Brent residents, the fund provides assistance to local people who are struggling financially.

This fund can be used for anything and there is no obligation to pay back the money. The fund is run with respect and trust, in accordance with principles of mutual aid: “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”.

If you need financial support for up to £50, please use the Brent Solidarity Fund website to find out more and apply through your nearest Mutual Aid Group.

You can also donate money to this fund and help ensure there is money available for people who need it.