Celebrating Community with #BrentTogether

In these difficult times, community has never been more important. 

We know that there are so many groups, organisations and businesses out there doing fantastic work to support our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. So we’ve launched a campaign to celebrate these initiatives and the people behind them. 

From offering services that make people feel less alone when they are isolating, to donating products from your business, or sharing free exercise videos and tips online, we want to hear from you. 

If you are one of those doing great work to help people in the borough, please give us a flavour of what you’re doing and how people can get involved by tweeting and using the hashtag #BrentTogether. This will allow us to share and celebrate with a wider audience. 

You can check the latest local initiatives, shared by others on this page. 

We will also be sharing roundups highlighting some of the initiatives you've told us about. Check back in on the news section of our website, the next edition of Your Brent magazine or follow us on social media for these.

Brent 2020 Unlocked

Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture has launched BRENT 2020 UNLOCKED - responding to the new challenges faced by artists and the wider creative sector. It includes:

  • A new video interview series with legendary musicians, artists, athletes and activists who have shaped, and been shaped by Brent
  • A weekly podcast hosted by VICE and young people from Brent’s Blueprint Collective debunking conspiracy theories around COVID-19
  • A call-out for people to share their memories of Brent’s rich reggae history and the Brent Artist Network goes online.

Visit the Brent 2020 website

Support for the creative and cultural sector

If you are an arts organisation, business or individual working in the cultural sector, creative industries or night-time economy in London, please visit the Mayor of London’s Culture at Risk page to register your details for support, guidance and resources.