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This form is used to request an event to appear in Brent's online event calendar. Please note if you would like to run or organise an event yourself, please 'apply via our Event app' or 'find out more about organising a public event'

Fill out the information on each block by clicking it to expand. Any mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. Extra guidance notes appear under some fields. To submit, ensure you fill out your contact details on block number 4, where you'll also find the submission button.

1. Event details

Note: If you wish to upload an image, please ensure it is in JPG, GIF or PNG format, and its size must me under 500kb. This may mean you need to resize it before sending to us.
Wembley Stadium events
Adults with Learning Disabilities
Arts and culture events
Brent Connects Forum
Brent Start
Children's event
Christmas and winter events
Civic centre events
Community events
Education and learning
Film, theatre, dance and music
Food and markets
Fostering and adoption
Gallery in The Library at Willesden Green
Health and fitness
Library events
Library events - Children's events
Museum and Archives – events
Museum and Archives – events and exhibitions
Other council events
St Raphael's Estate
Performance Space in The Library at Willesden Green
Public consultations
Sports - Outdoor gym session
Sports events and courses
Tea Dance
The Library at Willesden Green event
Time to Talk event
Work and employment
Culture events at the Library at Willesden Green
Housing Management events
Roundwood Youth Centre
Black History Month
Note: Please tick one or more categories (up to a maximum of 3) which you think best suits your event.
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2. Location

Note: Please ensure you enter a valid UK poscode, or we will reject this event

3. Dates/times

This section of the form allows you to a single, multiple dates or date ranges on which your event will take place.

Click "Add new date" and a form will appear to allow you to add a single date or range. If your event only takes place on specific days, you can tick those boxes to tell us.

You can also add times for your event, as well as different locations (should it take place in different places on different days). When you're happy with the information, click "Add this date information". If you want to remove any of the dates you've added, click the X at the end of the row.

4. Add your contact details and submit your event

Note: Neither your email address or telephone number entered here will be published on the site - they are here so we can get in touch with you if we need to.