Fostering stories

Discover fostering through the eyes of our carers and the children they look after

From helping children in care to do well in school, to building their self-confidence and improving their mental health, Brent foster carers are doing everything in their power to change the lives of local young people.

Julie - foster carer

Julie's story

Fostering has helped Julie to develop her skills as well as put her professional experience to good use.

Deborah Foster carer

Deborah's story

Deborah has looked after 13 children in the last 14 years and has enjoyed watching them all grow and develop.

Sam's fostering story

Sam's story

Since her approval as a Brent foster carer over two years ago, Sam has looked after seven children.

Robert's fostering story

Robert's story

As a single carer, it can be tricky juggling the school runs with work commitments but it all works out in the end.

Trevor story

Before moving in with his current foster family, Trevor had been in two other foster homes.