£20m for improving our streets

Improving our streets

Between October 2019 and June 2022, 42 miles of pavement will be repaired as part of a £20m programme of improvements.

These major repairs will be spread across the borough, giving footways a new lease of life and making it easier for everybody to get around.

To find out if your street has been programmed for repairs view list

The dates in this schedule of works are approximate and external factors may affect these timings.


Parking and social distancing

We understand that with more people at home that there is an increased pressure on parking spaces, however we will need to temporarily suspend parking in areas around the works. We do hope residents can work with us in order for us to complete the works as swiftly as possible. We will do everything we can to minimise disruption. Information letters will be delivered to all affected residents/businesses two weeks in advance of works commencing on site. 

Our contractors will be following the Government’s guidelines in order to do these works. Close working will be kept to an absolute minimum and all staff have strict procedures to follow if this is deemed necessary. Please respect the safety of our staff whilst they are working and remember to maintain the 2 metre social distancing rule. 


About the new pavements

As part of the improvements, the existing surface will be replaced with a mixture of asphalt and concrete blocks for vehicle crossings and at junctions. Asphalt is 100% recyclable, as well as being more durable and more flexible than the existing slabs. This is especially important in today’s environment where vehicles often overrun the pavement. It is less likely to crack and create trip hazards, meaning your pavement will stay safe and tidy-looking for longer.

Wherever possible, we will be reusing granite kerbs. Where this is not feasible, we will lay a replacement kerb.

Tree pits (the area around the base of a tree) will be resurfaced with a recycled material. This is designed to look smart and let water through to the tree.

Tree maintenance

Inspectors give Brent’s trees regular check-ups to make sure they are healthy and thriving. They try to catch any problems, like decay or a list, early on and take action to keep them in good condition.

As part of this £20m programme, we will be reviewing trees on the streets scheduled for improvements and carrying out maintenance where necessary.

Removing a tree is always a last resort if there are strong arboricultural, environmental or risk-related reasons to do so. As part of this programme, if we do need to remove a tree, we will replace each tree with a new one, in the same spot or nearby.

In an effort to retain more mature trees, where possible, we will surface over tree roots that are disrupting the pavement. This may mean that further pavement maintenance is needed if further root growth disturbs the new pavement. This is the balance we are striking between saving trees and future maintenance needs.


If you have any questions or would like more information about the planned works, please email highwaysandinfrastructure@brent.gov.uk