Making travel safer and healthier

Emergency School Streets

Find out more about the changes to the roads outside schools, so that only pedestrians and cyclists can use them at school start and finish times. 

Brent Healthy Neighbourhoods

A Low Traffic Neighbourhood is a group of residential streets where vehicle traffic which isn’t local to the area is either discouraged or removed. Find out the roads that low traffic neighbourhoods are being planned

Covid-19 and Brent's Active Travel Programme

As lockdown restrictions are eased, we want to support and encourage people to adopt greener, more active forms of transport whilst socially distancing.

Cycling in Brent

We support and encourage everyone living and working in Brent to cycle.

Widening footpaths

Wider pavements mean more space for people to pass each other safely. Find out which roads we will be widening the pavements on.

Help with walking routes

Check our some handy resources which are helpful when planning your journey.