Moving traffic contraventions

Moving traffic contraventions include banned right or left turns, no entries, blocking a yellow box junction, going the wrong way in a one way street and illegal U turns.

Enforcement of moving traffic contraventions enables us to combat dangerous manoeuvres on Brent's roads, improve road safety and reduce congestion.

Your contravention and paying your fine

  • Pay your penalty online. You will need your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) numbers as shown on your notice.
  • Photographs or video of each contravention can be viewed online at You will need your PCN and Vehicle Registration Mark as shown on your notice.

Report a contravention

If you are aware of repeated contraventions in your area, please contact the enforcement team on 020 8937 4995 between 8am and 10pm any day except Christmas Day.

How we enforce

We enforce moving traffic contraventions, bus lanes and parking controls using fixed CCTV cameras and mobile CCTV vehicles. Please note that these locations are subject to change.

We are committed to fairness and transparency in our enforcement. To support this we will ensure that all staff who undertake moving traffic contravention enforcement using CCTV will have successfully completed a training course, as required by London Councils and that there are signs indicating that CCTV enforcement is taking place in the area.

The list of enforceable contraventions

Yellow box junctions

Yellow box junctions have criss-cross yellow lines painted on the road.  You must not enter the box unless your exit road or lane is clear. If you are turning right, you may enter the box and wait until it is clear and safe to turn. At signalled roundabouts you must not enter the box unless you can cross over it completely without stopping.


This file lists the roads where there are certain restrictions that are enforced such as, one-way traffic, banned turns and weight restrictions.

'School Keep Clear' areas

Keeping a safe traffic flow around schools is very important. This file lists all the 'School Keep Clear' areas in Brent where parking rules will be enforced.