Highway surveys and major road and pavement works

Major road and pavement works in Brent

How we decide what to work on

A proportion of our budget is specifically for improvements to those sections of roads and pavements that have been identified as being in the greatest need.

  • 2021-2022 Footway Investment Programme
  • 2021-2022 Carriageway Investment Programme  

The sections that are chosen are based on the findings of an independent condition survey. The roads to be surveyed are based on:

  • nominations from councillors,
  • requests from residents and other users of the highway network,
  • recommendations from highway engineers.


The budget available will only permit a small percentage of roads being included in the annual major works programme considering the size of our road network.

Following this analysis, these roads and pavements are then prioritised according to specific criteria, structure, safety implications and how much they are used.

To find out if your street is included in the highways maintenance programme 2021-22 view here

Report a defect 

To tell us if a road or pavement needs work email highways&infrastructure@brent.gov.uk