Shaping Brent’s Future Together

The council is starting work on a new Local Plan which will shape how the borough is developed over the next twenty years. There are key challenges for the Plan to address including:

  • How do we ensure there is enough housing to meet everyone’s needs?
  • How do we create employment opportunities and promote economic growth?
  • What infrastructure and community facilities do we need to support new development, including how many schools?
  • What is the future role of our town centres?
  • How do we create places that promote health and well-being?
  • How do we ensure development is sustainable, high quality and protects the environment?

    It’s important that everyone with an interest in Brent is able to help shape the Local Plan and there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved, starting with workshops and drop in sessions across the borough.

Why get involved?

Have your say on the issues that affect how you live, work and socialise in Brent.
Consultation meeting

Interactive workshop sessions will cover:

What is the Local Plan and how it will affect key issues like housing, employment, town centres and community spaces.

  • Different growth options as we start to think about where housing, employment and other forms of development will be built.
  • Explore what’s important about your local area and opportunities for it to improve.
  • What you want your area to be like in the future.

The council has been running workshops and drop in session across the borough during September and October. Due to demand two additional workshops have been organised. To attend please RSVP by clicking the link below.


Venue  Date

Brent Civic Centre
Engineer’s Way

Thursday 16 November 2017
7pm to 9pm
Willesden Green Library
95 High Road
NW10 2SF
Tuesday 5 December 2017
7pm to 9pm



If you have any questions email or contact us via Twitter @Brent_Council using #shapebrent.