Shaping Brent’s Future Together

The council has started work on a new Local Plan which will shape how the borough is developed in the future. There are key challenges for the Plan to address including:

  • How do we ensure there is enough housing to meet everyone’s needs?
  • How do we create employment opportunities and promote economic growth?
  • What infrastructure and community facilities do we need to support new?
  • What is the future role of our town centres?
  • How do we create places that promote health and well-being?
  • How do we ensure development is sustainable, high quality and protects the environment?

Why get involved?

Have your say on the issues that affect how you live, work and socialise in Brent.

Issues and Options Consultation

From August to December 2017 we undertook engagement events.  These sought to capture the views of a variety of people and organisations that have an interest in Brent’s future development. The events and a summary of responses are set out in the Brent Local Plan Consultation Summary document

From 8 February to 22 March 2018 we consulted on an ‘Issues and Options’ document. This set out more detail on the key challenges set out above and how we might address them. Thank you for everyone who took the time to comment. Comments are now being considered and will inform preferred options for the Local Plan. 

View comments made on the interactive webmap here.