Brent Community Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferencing

The Brent Community Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a process where professionals from agencies share information on cases of very vulnerable and high risk individuals whose personal safety is a concern. The meeting creates a risk management plan to offer immediate support.  The aim of the process is to address the safety and protection of the individual, to review and coordinate the case and case management plan.  

Examples of vulnerable individuals that can be referred to the panel are those who are:

  • victims or perpetrators of antisocial behaviour,
  • victims of hate crime,
  • at risk of fire related incidents
  • at risk of financial abuse/fraud
  • at risk of homelessness / or difficulties maintaining their property. 

Purpose of the Community MARAC

The Community MARAC is here to enhance existing support services, not to replace them. The group is able to support with many factors including housing processes, reporting to the police, police investigations, referrals to the Safeguarding team and other agencies. Referrals to Community MARAC may be made as an addition to other referrals, but not a replacement. 

Community MARAC aims to:

  • share information to increase the safety, health and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals, including adults and children
  • determine the level of risk that is posed to the vulnerable individual and associated children, and whether there is any risk to the general public
  • construct and implement a risk/case management plan that provides professional support to all those at risk and that aims to reduce the future risk of harm
  • reduce repeat victimisation
  • improve agency accountability
  • improve support for staff involved in high risk cases
  • contribute to the development of best practice
  • identify policy issues arising from cases discussed within the Community MARAC and raise these through the appropriate channels.

Referral process

Step 1 - Make a referral. Please provide as much information that is relevant in your referral to help us consider the risk and create a plan to reduce risk and offer support.

Make a referral 

Step 2 - Once a referral form is received to Community MARAC, we will review scoring and check whether sufficient information has been produced.

  • If there is insufficient information, we will return to the referrer to provide further details
  • If there is sufficient information, we will request information from the relevant partner agencies
  • If you have not followed the existing processes, such as not making a referral to safeguarding, we will return to the referrer with advice on what to do next

Step 3 - Once we have all the information from the relevant agencies, we will create a profile for discussion at the next Community MARAC

Step 4 - We will add to the agenda for the next Community MARAC.


Key points about the referral

  • To be included in the Community MARAC the individual must live in Brent, be currently experiencing risk to their personal safety, be vulnerable, with concerns of high risk of harm
  • Any agency can refer a case to the Community MARAC and should already, and continue to, support the individual
  • All referrals must be submitted on the Brent Community MARAC Risk Assessment and Referral form
  • The referral must be discussed with the vulnerable individual and their consent obtained.  If this is not possible, the vulnerable individual has refused to provide consent or there are serious safety concerns, a Community MARAC referral can still be made and the reasons recorded on the referral form
  • When a referral is received, an alert and request for information will be made to the appropriate partner agencies
Should you have any questions or wish to discuss a potential referral further, please email


If you are concerned about an adult please let us know 

If you are concerned about a child please let us know

For further information or to discuss a potential referral please email