Public Spaces Protection Orders

What is a PSPO?

Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) are intended to deal with a particular nuisance or problem in a particular area that is detrimental to the local community’s qualify of life, by imposing conditions on the use of that area which apply to everyone.

They are designed to ensure the law-abiding majority can use and enjoy public spaces without experiencing anti-social behaviour. 

How does the PSPO work?

  • Breach of a PSPO is a criminal offence subject to, up to a level three fine on prosecution (up to £1,000)
  • A warning will be issued upon the first instance of a breach
  • Further breach will result in the issuing of a Fixed Penalty Notice (£75), payable within 14 days
  • If paid within ten days, a discounted charge of £50 is applied
  • Payment of the FPN discharges liability to conviction for the offence

The police will work in partnership with the council to ensure the effective enforcement of these new regulations.

Current PSPOs for migrant workers in Queensbury and Cricklewood

Queensbury and Cricklewood migrant workers

We currently have two PSPOs running in the Queensbury and Cricklewood areas. This PSPO prohibits businesses and residents from picking up casual labourers in these areas, and from coaches dropping off large numbers of people.

An overwhelming majority of residents in both areas agreed with the proposals, and the PSPOs were put in place in September 2015. 

These prohibitions are designed to tackle the following issues, which were raised by residents in the area:

  • Migrant workers sleeping, erecting shelters and encampments in parks and green spaces
  • Criminal damage, extensive littering and defecating in parks and public spaces
  • Anti-social behaviour causing distress to local residents
  • Exploitation of the casual workers – low wages, no regulations or health and safety at work. 

Boroughwide PSPOs to prohibit street drinking 

Brent Council has now implemented a boroughwide Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) from 20 October 2017 until 19 October 2020 to prohibit street drinking.

These prohibitions are designed to tackle the following issues:

  • Street drinking in the identified hotspot areas of Brent
  • Provide a proportionate response to the identified drinking problem 


The aim of the PSPO is to reduce anti-social behaviour in our drinking hot spot areas and also ensure that those who are vulnerable, with alcohol and substance misuse problems are supported. We also hope to enforce against individuals who are not complying with the order and work with the Licensing Team to discover businesses that might be complicit. 


After a pilot programme in six wards in Brent from April to September 2017, it was agreed to support the PSPO to go boroughwide.  

Alongside the PSPO powers, Change Grow and Live (CGL) are commissioned by Brent Public Health to engage and support, hard to reach / vulnerable street drinkers. Through Brent’s Local Joint Action Groups, CGL and B3 we will support vulnerable street drinkers identified in those areas to help them access treatment and other support services to turn their lives around.


The effect of the Order is to impose the following prohibitions and / or requirements at all times:


Any person is prohibited from, at any time, consuming alcohol or having an open alcohol container, in the restricted area unless subject to exemptions listed in Appendix 1 below.

(i) In this area any person who without reasonable excuse continues consuming alcohol in the restricted area when asked to stop by a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer or authorised person from the council under Section 63 of the ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014 or fails to surrender any alcohol in his / her possession when asked to do so by a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer or authorised person from the council is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level two on the standard scale or if in receipt of a Fixed Penalty Notice to a penalty of a maximum of £100.