Changes to My Account

We are upgrading our existing customer portal, My Account in December 2020.

The new My Account portal will be easier for you to use, and will have Multi-Factor Authentication, a level of security which you may have used before for online banking and other online accounts. You will also be able to:

  • Update your personal details
  • Reset your password
  • Login once to access all available services in one place

What if I already have a My Account or sign up before this change?

So that your personal details are protected during the move to the new system, your previous My Account data will be permanently deleted. Once the portal is live, you will need to re-register for My Account using the same email address you used before.

Please see below how this change affects the services you may have used before on My Account:


Steps you need to take:

Applications for housing assistance

Make sure to re-register for My Account with the same email address as before and all your history will be available.

Council tenant and leaseholder services


Contact Us

Housing Benefit & Council tax support

Once you have re-registered for My Account you can then re-activate these service accounts.

Please submit any applications in progress before the go live date.

Your activity history will not be available after this change happens, and you are encouraged to take a screenshot or picture of any information you want to keep.

Council tax

Can I still use My Account up until this change happens?


  • Existing customers can continue to log in, view and transact online as usual.
  • New customers who sign up before this change can use their My Account as usual.

All will have to re-register after the new ‘My Account’ goes live.

 You do not need to contact us, as we will make sure to keep you informed - with further news and updates available on ‘My Account’.


Web chat

From Friday 13 November 2020 the web chat option on the My Account pages will be removed. This is to make way for the new customer portal where all residents will be able to self-serve. However until then, if you require assistance you can contact us on one of the numbers below:

  • Making an application for housing assistance and Housing management service - 020 8937 2750
  • Council tax - 020 8937 1790
  • Housing benefit and council tax support - 020 8937 1800 option 3
  • My account technical support, such as password reset, unlocking your account and registering for an account - 020 8937 1800 option 3