About Fostering

Find out everything about fostering from application to approval including: the fostering criteria, responsibilities, rewards and benefits.

Foster care requirements

You can be from any social, cultural, ethnic and religious background, single or in a relationship, or from the LGBT community. 

The fostering process

The fostering application and assessment process takes around six months and it consists of five main steps. Find out more.

LGBT Fostering

Brent Fostering is an inclusive service and welcomes foster carers from the LGBT+ community. 

Connected Person fostering

Family and friends fostering is when a child is looked after by a relative or a family friend. Learn more.

Private fostering

Find out what private fostering is and what you should do if you are in a private fostering arrangement. 

Foster carer stories

Discover fostering through the eyes of our carers and their children, and share their stories with your community.

Already a foster carer with an independent fostering agency?

Already a foster carer? If you work with an independent agency you can easily transfer to Brent Fostering. Discover how.

Fostering FAQ

Learn more about fostering by checking the the list of common questions.

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