Promoting mental wellbeing

promote mental health

We all know we need to eat well and keep active to ensure we are physically fit and healthy, but what do we do to ensure good mental and emotional well being?

One in four adults will suffer from mental health issues at some stage in their life, so its important that everyone finds a way to make sure your mind stays fit and healthy too.

Like physical health, not all people enjoy the same sorts of things, but there are many different things you can do to promote your mental wellbeing.

Each day you should try to:

  • Connect - with friends, family, neighbours, colleagues or your local community
  • Be active - get out and move! Walk, run, garden, dance - find something you like to do
  • Take notice - of your surroundings, and how they make you feel
  • Keep learning - try something new, rediscover something old. Read a book, make a new meal, learn a new game, set yourself a new challenge and follow it through
  • Give - do something nice for someone. It feels nice to know you've brightened someone's day.

What can I do? 

There are many activities in Brent happening every day that you can come on down and participate in.

Parks and open spaces are open for exercise in line with government guidance. Outdoor gym and tennis courts to close. We are urging people to follow the latest public health advice while out and about. 

Many are free, and many offer the chance to meet new people and get involved. Why not: