Apply for secondary school

Children born between 1 September 2007 and 31 August 2008 are due to start secondary school, in September 2019.

Apply for a school place before 31 October 2018 

How to apply


The process has several stages

Plan and prepare -> Apply -> Respond to your offer.

 If you do not live in Brent and you want a place in a Brent school, you will need to apply to the council that you live in.

Key dates

September / October School open evenings / open mornings
1 September 2018 - Applications open
31 October 2018 Applications deadline
1 March 2019 - National offer day
15 March 2019 Response deadline
Second round of offers
15 March 2019 Deadline for applications and changes for the second round
Week ending 29 March 2019  Second round of offers
5 April 2019 Second round response deadline
Third round of offers
3 May 2019 Deadline for applications and changes for the third round
Week ending 24 May 2019 Third round offers
31 May 2019 Third round response deadline
September 2019 Children start school