Food waste recycling

Recycling your food waste is easy. We provide you with a free external food waste caddy (smaller bin), which you need to use for your food waste.

Order your free food waste caddy

You can wrap your food waste in a caddy liner or newspaper, or place it straight into your food waste bin. We collect your food waste every week. Just place your container next to your recycling bin by 7am on the day of collection.

What can I put in the food waste caddy?

  • Food waste containervegetable and fruit waste
  • fallen fruit
  • food scraps (cooked and uncooked)
  • bread
  • cheese
  • egg shells
  • tea bags
  • coffee grounds
  • pasta and rice

What can't I put in the food waste caddy?

  • garden waste
  • household waste
  • plastics of any kind
  • soil
  • stones or rubble
  • pet faeces or litter
  • disposable nappies

We will not empty the food waste caddy if you have put the wrong materials in.

We will put a tag on the waste caddy to tell you that there are materials that we cannot accept. 

It will be your responsibility to ensure that the wrong materials are removed before the next collection takes place.

Home composting

The best environmental way to deal with organics materials is home composting. Find out more about home composting.

Love Food Hate Waste

If you have a lot of food waste every week, why not visit Love Food Hate Waste for tips on how to reduce your food waste and save money.