Missed bin collections

For all collections you need to put your bins as near to the street as possible or they will not be emptied. You will not be able to log a missed collection if your bins have not been properly presented and you will need to wait until your next collection day for your bins to be emptied.

If you think we have missed a collection on your scheduled collection day please tell us within two working days, i.e. if your bin was due to be emptied on Monday and it has not, please contact us within two working days i.e. Tuesday - Wednesday to let us know. Your bins may not be emptied at the same time every week and they could be emptied at any time up to 10pm.

If you are reporting a missed collection please do not contact us on the day of collection. Please wait until the day after, as your bin can be collected any time until 10pm.

We will aim to collect your bin the day after you have reported it to us as long as it has been reported within two working days.

Please also check that your bins have been placed in the correct position, as near to the pavement as possible. If you have not placed your bin in the correct place on collection day, you cannot log a missed collection online or by phone. Instead, please wait until your next collection day for your bin to be emptied. Find out how to position your bin correctly.

Report your missed collection online 


If you are experiencing difficulty in logging a missed collection please call 0208 937 5050.