To progress the regeneration programme, we will need to acquire leasehold properties within the remaining blocks.

It is our preferred option to buy back your property by agreement at full open market value. You will be contacted roughly 12 to 18 months before your block is due to be demolished to discuss your options

As a leaseholder you will get market value for your home plus;

  • 10% home loss payment (owner occupiers), or 7.5% home loss payment (owner investors)
  • Solicitors fees, survey fees and other reasonable moving expenses paid.

In some cases, it may be impossible for the council to acquire all property interests by agreement in the projected timeframe or at a reasonable cost. We may therefore make a Compulsory Purchase Order via the courts in parallel with negotiations. This is to ensure that the redevelopment timetable can be met and that we can continue to deliver much needed new homes. 

Leaseholder occupiers

There are a number of Housing options for leaseholder occupiers. Which are available to you will depend on the timing of when you move, and the availability of homes in the new developments.

They include:

  • Shared Equity

You will own a share of the property, with the council owning the remaining share. You will not have to pay rent.

  • Existing Council Property Swap

This enables you, as a leaseholder, to ‘transfer’ your equity into a void Council social rented unit that is not due for demolition.  Any difference in value could be made up by the council.

  • Shared Ownership

You own a share of the property, and pay rent to a housing association on the remaining share. You can increase your ownership percentage over time, if you wish to.

Leaseholder investors

If you are an investor landlord, us buying your property back is the only option available to you. We will be looking to buy your property by agreement at open market value with vacant possession.

Private tenants

If you rent a property from a private landlord, Brent Council do not have a duty to rehouse you so you will not receive rehousing support from the South Kilburn Regeneration Team.

If you need assistance finding alternative accommodation you can contact our Housing Options team.

Further information

If you are a leaseholder in: 1-8 Neville House, 1-64 Winterleys, 113-128 Carlton house & 1-71 Blake Court, please read the following document: