General Information

BlockWe intend to acquire leasehold properties within blocks earmarked for redevelopment.

It is our preferred option to buy back your property by agreement at full open market value.

We will contact you roughly 12 to 18 months before your block is due to be demolished to discuss your options.

We intend to make offers to leaseholders at the earliest opportunity, but must prioritise the limited resources available for buying properties within the current or next phase.  

Investment owners

If you are an investor landlord, us buying it back is the only option available to you. We will be looking to buy your property by agreement at open market value with vacant possession.

Private tenants

If you rent a property from a private landlord we do not have to rehouse you so you will not receive rehousing support from the South Kilburn Regeneration Team.

If you need assistance finding alternative accommodation you can contact the our Housing Options team.  

Owner occupiers

In the majority of cases we will buy back properties from owner occupier leaseholders. Please note we are not required to rehouse leaseholders so you will not receive rehousing support from the South Kilburn Regeneration Team.  

If you are interested in staying in the South Kilburn area we are currently working to ensure we have more options available for you in the future.

New homes

Some of the new homes developed may be made available on a shared ownership or shared equity basis and made available for South Kilburn leaseholders to buy. Further information on the options available will be issued in due course.

Development phases

Advanced leaseholder acquisitions

The South Kilburn Regeneration Programme aims to transform South Kilburn into a sustainable and mixed community. The regeneration of South Kilburn is taking place in phases and we have started acquiring leasehold properties in Phase 2, which includes Gloucester House, Durham Court, Wordsworth House and Masefield House, to enable the next phase of development to be delivered.

Historically we have only had funding available to acquire leasehold properties in the next phase of the programme.

However approval has been given for an 'Advance Leasehold Acquisition Pilot Project' which has released funding to enable us to acquire a limited number of leasehold properties within Phases 3 and 4, in advance of the regeneration programme.

We are looking to acquire leasehold properties which meet the requirements with vacant possession at open market value. We only have a limited amount of funding available to deliver the pilot project and applications that meet our requirements will therefore be prioritised on a first come first-serve basis.

If you are a leaseholder in any of the below blocks and are interested in selling your property to us, please submit an expression of interest by 31 July 2014.

  • Austen House
  • Zangwill
  • Cullen House
  • Blake Court
  • 97-112 and 113-128 Carlton House
  • Craik Court
  • Crone Court
  • Dickens House
  • Exeter Court
  • Hereford House
  • John Ratcliffe
  • 25-57 Peel Precinct
  • Winterleys
  • 1-8 Neville House
  • 8-14 Neville Close
  • 4-26 Stuart Road

Please complete all the questions in the form, unless the form specifically directs you straight to another question or section further on. If a question does not apply to you, mark it 'N/A' or 'not applicable'.

If we accept your expression, we will arrange for an inspection of your property to take place. Subject to your property meeting our requirements, we will offer a market value for the property and will require vacant possession on completion of the sale. All transactions under this proposal will be by agreement and 'without prejudice' and 'subject to contract'.