How will your complaint be dealt with?

We will try to resolve the complaint at the first point of contact.

If it is not possible to resolve the complaint quickly, or if it is clear that we need to investigate it in more detail, we will refer it to the relevant department.

Investigation of the complaint

The Head of Service whose area the complaint relates to will normally be responsible for making sure the investigation is done properly.

They may also refuse to investigate should they consider that the customer has not provided a sufficient basis for doing an investigation.

The complainant should receive an acknowledgement of the investigation within five working days.

The investigation should be completed and the written response sent to the complainant within 20 working days.

The response should inform the customer of their right to request a final review if they remain dissatisfied.

The Head of Service may refuse to investigate a complaint if they consider the customer has not provided a sufficient basis for carrying out an investigation.

Further investigation on behalf of the Chief Executive

Customers who remain dissatisfied after their complaint has been considered by the department can request a final review on behalf of the Chief Executive.

The complaint will be acknowledged within five working days and the investigation completed within 30 working days.

Our complaints manager may refuse to undertake a final review if satisfied that the customer has not provided a sufficient basis for undertaking a further investigation.

Putting actions on hold during the investigation

Any actions we are taking that may have given rise to the complaint - for example Council Tax recovery proceedings - may be put on hold until we have finished the complaint investigation.

Putting things right

When we are at fault, we need to put things right by acknowledging our mistakes and apologising for them, explaining why things went wrong and what we will do to prevent the same mistake happening again. This should happen at the earliest possible point in the process.